Second chance program

This program not only saves lives, it changes communities.

We relocate 7,000 pets a year

Our local work gets our first priority. We're fortunate to have the resources and expertise to also help other communities. We relocate homeless pets at risk of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters with more animals than adopters. But we don't stop there. We also mentor other shelters to help them make changes in their shelter and in their community to improve their local lifesaving. New pets will replace relocated pets unless there's systemic change.

Relocating at-risk pets

We relocate shelter animals at-risk locally but highly adoptable here, such as puppies, small dogs and popular breeds.

Leading change

The cycle of too many pets and not enough adopters continues without making systemic change in those communities.

Disaster relief

Our national network combined with a well-developed specialty in high volume intakes makes us one of the first phone calls when disaster strikes. We've assisted before and after hurricanes, tornados, and extreme cold. The emphasis is on relocating pets that were adoptable before the disaster and helping damaged shelters with previously adoptable pets so animals displaced from their homes can stay local to be reunited with their families.

Tangipahoa partnership

Tangipahoa Parish Animal Services sits in a rural area just north of New Orleans. The shelter faced limited resources, low spay/neuter in the community, and more animals than adopters, all with higher animal intake than most shelters in their area at 5000+ per year. We’ve helped that shelter go from a 22% save rate to a 90% save rate in just over a year through a mentoring relationship that included sending staff members to live on-site.

We save lives regardless of borders

Seventeen-year-old Baby Girl had few adoption options in Louisiana. The minute we posted her availability here, a family rushed in for her. Baby Girl’s family adored her. She had two young people to fuss over her, took part in all the family celebrations, and had a wardrobe even a celebrity would envy. Baby Girl also found the yin to her yang in sixteen-year-old Oscar.

Help keep programs like this alive

Open the door to endless possibilities. Together, we will create positive change within our community and in struggling communities across the country to end suffering and create more options for loving families.

Second Chance news & events

Together we saved 16,118 lives

The results are in! Thanks to your support we were able to provide safety, love and hope to nearly 18,000 pets in need in 2022.
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