Behavior resources

Often times resolving unwanted behaviors is a matter of understanding the underlying causes.

Dog behavior resources

Separation distress

Separation distress/anxiety
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Dog trainer walking dog outside

Recommended trainers south DE

Recommended Trainers: South Delaware
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Station training

Teaching “Go to your bed"
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Grumble growl zones kid dog safety

Keep children and pets safe with a plan on minimizing crowded spaces in your house that could cause stress.
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Loose leash walking

Loose Leash Walking Protocol
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Cat behavior resources

Feline house soiling

Learn how to manage and treat your cat's Inappropriate elimination around the house.
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Bringing your new cat home

Cat: Bringing Your New Cat Home
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Feline spraying

Feline Inappropriate Elimination Disorder: house-soiling
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Raising kittens

Kitten raising guide for foster parents
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Fearful foster cats

Protocol for working with fearful cats in foster homes
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Pet Resource Center

We offer phone, e-mail, and on-site support for our adopters, foster families, and pet owners seeking assistance to keep their pet at home.

Please contact our free Pet Resource Center at:


We invest in behavior experts

We're one of the few shelters in the region with a dedicated behavior team. We have behavior experts at each campus to help our pets be the best possible adoption candidates as well as to help families struggling with behavior concerns in their home.

Help keep programs like this alive

Open the door to endless possibilities. Together, we will create positive change within our community, help control the homeless animal population, and improve the lives of pets and their families.

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