Lost & found pets

Losing your beloved companion or finding someone else’s can be harrowing. We’re here for you.

Call for any found animals

If you’ve found someone’s pet, and you’d like the pet to come to the shelter to hopefully be reunited there, you can call one of the numbers below. You can also bring the pet to a local veterinarian or our shelter to be scanned for a microchip.

In Delaware, call the Office of Animal Welfare:


In Pennsylvania, call our shelter:


Lost your pet? Found a pet?

If you have lost your pet or found someone else’s pet and you don't want to bring the pet to the shelter, fill out the report below. You should also look at the list of recently found pets and check our Facebook pages. If you do NOT see your report uploaded to our Lost & Found Facebook page after 24 hours or did not receive a confirmation email, please contact our shelter closest to you.

Note: Your personal information will be shared on our Facebook page so you can be contacted about the lost or found pet. Should someone contact you saying they found your pet with a request for anything like money or a Google verification code, please contact us immediately.

Lost & found pet form

About the pet

Your info

If you do not see your lost pet posted to the lost and found Facebook page within 24 hours, please submit the same information to

Facial Recognition

Have a picture of your lost pet? Try searching via facial recognition with Petco Love Lost. This is another great tool to register your pet in case they are lost.

Other suggestions

Use the links below to see if your pet is at one of our locations, or if it has been reported as found. You’re also welcome to do a walkthrough any time during open shelter hours. In addition, check with your local police department and veterinarians.

Check out these helpful links:

  • Fill out the form above to post the pet to our Lost/Found Facebook page.

  • Hang up flyers in the community. Keep them simple, just a photo, where last seen, any distinguishing marks or collars, and your phone number.

  • Post to your social media accounts, community groups on Facebook, and resources like NextDoor and Craigslist.

  • Contact your microchip company to make sure your contact information is up to date.

  • Register your pet with Petco Love Lost, a facial recognition tool that matches photos with pets in shelters across the country.

A familiar scent may help your pet find their way home. Leave out something that smells familiar, like a garment of clothing you or someone in the family has worn, a blanket, or a pet’s bed.

We strongly urge all pet owners to permanently identify their pet with a microchip. This can be done at our clinics. While collars can fall off and tags can go missing, a microchip is permanent and ensures that your contact information remains with your pet at all times!

When the going gets tough, #TeamBVSPCA gets going.

We believe in saving lives regardless of borders, especially during times of crisis. Our specialized skills make us a first phone call during natural disasters.

Give back to your community

Open the door to endless possibilities. Together, we will create positive change within our community, help control the homeless animal population, and improve the lives of pets and their families.

Resources for lost & found pets

Innovative technology to reunite lost pets

When the unthinkable happens, new “Petco Love Lost” database uses breakthrough facial recognition technology to find missing cats and dogs.
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Facial recognition to reunite lost pets

BVSPCA has partnered with Finding Rover, developer of technology to match photos uploaded by shelters and pet owners to match pets through facial recognition.
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Cat reunited with family after 3 years

Brandywine valley spca reunites family with cat lost in Florida three years ago.
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